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What Sensor Data?
Collecting Sensor Data
Formatting Sensor Data
Store/Transfer Data
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Hello, Developers.

These pages describe how to use our open source software libraries. You can also view the research papers and smartphone apps that have been built using them.

All of the code described here, including these documentation pages, can be found on our Github Page. Our open-source software is licensed with the BSD License.

  1. Sensor Manager. The ESSensorManager library provides a uniform and easily configurable access to sensor data, supporting both one-off and continuous sensing scenarios.
  2. Data Manager. The ESSensorDataManager library allows you to format, and store and transfer data to your server.

About this Project

These software libraries were developed as part of the EPSRC Ubhave project, which was funded between 2011-2015. They are all released under the BSD License; we do not guarantee that they are bug-free and/or up to date with the ever-evolving Android operating system.

The developers Google group is here. For any other queries, you can contact @nlathia.